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Steve McQueen in Montana
The Famous Actor and His Beautiful Wife Loved Livingston



As a beautiful young model in 1977, Barbara Minty’s first encounter with Steve McQueen had been arranged, by McQueen, a meeting in Los Angeles under the pretext that Steve wanted her to play an Indian princess in a movie he was planning. Minty, who would later become Barbara McQueen, told us though that her father raised her right. “I knew that was a line from the get go.”

Her initial impression of the famous movie star at that meeting, given his scraggly appearance, was less than positive. To make matters worse, she thought she was meeting Paul Newman—“the man with the dreamy blue eyes in Towering Inferno,” she was told by her agent. “And this grubby, beer drinking dude walks out,” she told the Pio-neer. “And I thought, Oh my God.”


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