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February 2014


Steve McQueen in Montana
The Famous Actor and His Beautiful Wife Loved Livingston
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Jeanette Rankin and Belle Winestine
In honor of the Centennial of Women's Suffrage in Montana
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McQueen, the Back Story
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An Apache Outbreak,War on the Border
Chiricahua Apaches Defy and Fight U.S. and Mexican Soldiers
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Food Police a Real Possibility?
For Some, It’s an Idea Whose Time Has Come
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The Real Wolf Does Not Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Authors Say It Is Pro-Wolfers Who Propagate Myths

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Letters to the Editor
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Articles from Our Archives:

January 2014

Top Yellowstone Expert Takes on the Wolf Critics

Woman Claims Sister Had Brucellosis
An Appointment with Geronimo
Montana’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery
Baucus Resigning, Headed for China
In 2014, Change the World

December 2013
Attention, Please

November 2013

COVER STORY: Non Native Wolves Illegally Introduced, Says Whistleblower

Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations
The Bridge on FX Takes Film Noir to the Border
Taken By the Sioux - The Conclusion
In Their Own Words - Notes from the Field

The Chihuahua Mystery - Where Did Small Dogs Come From?

October 2013

Livingston Police Change K-9 Policy After Incident

Polite Policing
Local Police Dog Attack May Prove Costly to City
Confessions of a Professional Varmint Exterminator
Taken By the Sioux- What Happened at Fort Laramie

What Is It We Are Not Seeing?

Septembert 2013
Cell Phones in the Wired Wild West

When Legends Ring True
Reactions to Police Dog Attack
Bozeman Economy Is Back
Taken By the Sioux - Among the Blackfeet
Tales the Zuni Indians Tell - About the Great Extinction?

August 2013

Roadkill—It’s What’s for Dinner, Legally

Crowing About Tonto
Out of Ammo
The Black Elk Paradox
Taken by the Sioux - Massacre on the Yellowstone
Wilbur Fisk Sanders, a Force in Early Montana

July 2013

An Authentic Montana Homestead Awaits You

Op/Ed: Big Bro's Got Your Number
Diary of a Gold Miner
Taken by the Sioux - The Sun Dance
Wife Steals Wooden Leg

June 2013
Who Stole the Explosives?

500 lbs of USFS Explosives Stolen near Red Lodge
The Last Crow War Chief
Taken by the Sioux - A Vision of Little Mary’s Fate
First Lady of the Confederacy
Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

May 2013
Wild Mustangs Find Asylum

Number 42 - He Changed Everything
Gold, and a Crow War Party
Taken by the Sioux - A Buffalo Hunt
Drivers Often Break Cell Phone Law
John Mayer Sings the Blues Again

April 2013
The View From Above

Prolonged Downtown Business Closures Send Negative Message
Taken by the Sioux - My Ordeal Continues
Warning: Spring Migration Means Bison Are on the Road
The Search for Wolverines in the Wilds of Mongolia

Apple’s Newest Gadget

March 2013

COVER STORY: Taken by the Sioux - The Attack

Words We Would Expunge From the English Language
The Gatling Gun’s Fire Power Hits the Mark for 150 Years
Jazzing It Up with Ryan Matzinger
You Too Can Go Postal
Baseball is the Answer - One Kid at a Time

February 2013
Legends of the Star People

A Crime Against Nature
Be a Cat in the Forest
My Captivity Among the Sioux
Milk River Ranch Deal “Misuse of Public Funds”

January 2013
Greatest Photographs of the American West

Gun Sales Boom
Homesteading Montana, Why They Came
The Party of Lincoln’s Record on Racial Justice
Tips for the Next 26,000 Years

December 2012
Terror at Soda Butte

The Alligator Suitcase
That Infamous Morning
Of Moose and Man
Grooming Tips for Geezers
Brian Schweitzer’s Parting Shots

November 2012
Legendary Mountain Man Andrew Garcia on Video

The Garcia Continuum
Pine Creek Lodge Home to Renowned Writers and Artists
The Secret Life of Trees
Do We Want to Be Poorest States in the Country Forever?
Amazing Aloe

October 2012
Up in Smoke

Many Montana Farms and Ranches Face Liquidation
What Do You Do When Your House Burns Down?
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s “All-Out War on Wolves”
Obama’s Unforgivable Sin
The Artisan’s Craft

September 2012
Mountain Lions and Wolves Face Off

All Because of a Dairy Farmer
Gov. Schweitzer Accuses Montanans of Racism
Rehberg Was Against Paul Ryan Before He Was For Him
Bakken Oil Play Spurs Booming Business—in Water
Digging Livingston
The Late, Great Sam Peckinpah

August 2012
COVER STORY: The Season of Heat

People Whisperers
State Pension Hole—Too Big to Fill
Police Chase Woman OJ-Style
Reality TV Tries to Capture Montana
Rudyard Kipling Whines in Yellowstone

July 2012
COVER STORY: Crow Fair: Native Tradition, Regalia, Rodeo and Dancing

Gold , Indians, and the Gallatin Valley
Indian Ancestor Fought at Yorktown
Let’s Celebrate Spouse Day
State Pensions $4 Billion Short
Who Is Jim Messina?
Why History?

June 2012
Cover Story
: It's About Me

Wolves Outfox FWP
Mountain Men, Explorers, and Trappers
Like It or Not, Montana Is Still in the USA
It’s a Small World
Irregardless-Let’s Make It a Word
High Altitude Trout

May 2012
Cover Story:
The Mystery of the Big Horn Medicine Wheel

The Rominee
Letters to the Editor
Governor Covers for Unions in Pension Debacle
Don and Dan Nichols Imposed  Life Sentences on Their Victims
Pole Dancing Goes Mainstream
New Movie Stars, Please

April 2012
Cover Story:  Wilderness

Mountain Lions, Face to Face

Infamous Dan Nichols No Mountain Man, Source Says

Chronicles of  the Yellowstone
Candidate for Governor Has Black Ops Background

February 2012
Cover Story:
 Native Stars: The Spears Brothers

Saving Whitebark Pine

Animal Spirits
State Government Still Hiding Payroll Records
Bozeman’s Charles Hartman,
The Mysterious Sound at Yellowstone Lake

January 2012

Cover Story:
Paul Trout’s Deadly Powers

Into the Cosmic Weed
Coming Estate Taxes May Sink Farms and Ranches
Russia to Montana
Black Panther Sightings

The Lives of Captive Wolves

December 2011

Cover Story: Chicks with Guns

Pearl Harbor: Bonnie Pickett Was There
Bears in the News
Tales from the Old Timers
Teddy Roosevelt Decks an Armed Yahoo
It's Never Too Late to Chang

November 2011
Cover Story:
Bye, Bye Dennis

As I Remember
About Gladys Kauffman
Anonymous Tips
Thanksgiving and Your Pet

October 2011
Cover Story:
Hogback Ridege, The Trek Upwards

The Bighorn's Rocky Recovery
Petra Academy, A Classical Alternative
Jeff Bridges Outtakes
A Labor Movement Born in Butte
Union Thuggery and Intimidation Backed by Force of Law

August 2011
Cover Story
: Stupid Tourist Tricks

Halt Exxon’s Abuse of the Yellowstone
City of Bozeman—Stay Out of Housing Market
The Swandal Legacy
Montana—150 Years After Bull Run
What’s Going On In the Skies Over Western Air Bases?

July 2011
Cover Story: The Crow Tobacco Odyssey

Lawsuit Against Greg Mortenson Harms Kids, Helps Lawyers
Women Serving in the Tradition of Their Patriot Ancestors
Jerry Jeff Walker to Play White Sulphur
Honey Bees Are Back

June 2011
Cover Story: Arnold Schwarzenegger Lays Low in Livingston, Montana

Marijuana in the Wild West

Montana Students Perform This Month at Kennedy Center
Life Is a Long Ride
Montana’s Pioneer Editor
South Central Rapper Parlay Starr Finds His Groove in Bozeman
Special Forces, Born in Montana

May 2011
Cover Story:
Rabbit Hole Producer Per Saari Teams Up with Nicole Kidman

Greg Mortenson, Still a Hero
Smart Phones, Dumb People
Bill Payne’s Other Gig, the Music of Images
Do Not  Subscribe to Dish Network—They’re Unscrupulous
Bozeman Ranks Among Top Ten “Stoned Cities”
Tough Tomatoes, Hard Pulpy Hybrids Don’t Make the Grade

April 2011
Cover Story:
The Pronghorn's Last Best Hope

Montana Rancher Turned Vegan
Little Feat's Bill Payne
Bozeman Plan to Regulate Carbon
Who Turns Down the Thermostat?
Bullying Prevention the Old Fashioned Way

March 2011
Cover Story: Code of the West

Bullying Prevention: Obama and Federal Regulations
Wardens, the TV Show
When Diane Sawyer Came to Town
Big Sky Birther Steps In It
It Takes A Thief
How Do You Spell It?
Living with Volcanoes

February 2011
Cover Story:
Where have All the Elk Gone?

An Interview with Judge Nels Swandal
The Amazing Saga of Montana’s Elk
GOP Scuttled Swandal
Ban 30-Round Clips on Handguns
Making the Best of a Really Bad Situation
Riding the Magnificent Beast

January 2011
Cover Story
Hunters Behaving Badly

Stillwater Mine Back with General Motors
Governor Schweitzer Calls Lawmakers the “Biggest Boozers” in Helena
The Montana Legislature’s New Political Paradigm

City of Bozeman Takes Up Global Warming
Morphine Charley
Remembering the Great Bob Feller

December 2010
Cover Story
: An Interview with Thomas McGuane

Planet of the Bears
Montana Will Be Hard Hit by Federal Cuts
Full Body Scans and Same-Sex Pat Downs Coming to an Airport Near You
Bill Would Limit State Gov Salaries to Twice That of Average Family
Remember When Christmas Was Christmas
Bozeman’s Early Masons, and Those of Today

November 2010
Cover Story:
How the Civil War Was Won in Virginia City, Montana

The Bear Crow: Call Now, Because We Can’t Do This All Day
Lemonade Stand Logic
Mission Creek Wind Farm Impacts Misrepresented
Montana’s First Politician
Bear Encounters Abound This Year
Montana’s Ties to the Confederate South

October 2010
Cover Story: 
Giving Back: Wounded Warriors Unwind at Bill Cohen’s Howling Wolf Ranch

Henry Real Bird Rides the Crow/Hidatsa Trail
Run Montana Like a Ranch
Constitution Calls for Clean and Healthful Environment
We Must Earn Your Attention
October News Briefs and PSAs

In Spring, There Will Be Growth
Tax Revenues Drop Dramatically
Antiques Roadshow
Hunting Wolves
Government Largest State Employment Sector
Montana’s Red Corner
Real World Economics

April 2010
The Wind Spirit Project

What Are You Smoking?
The IRS/Health Care Industrial Complex
Montana Pioneer Rasmus Indreland
Dalai Lama Will Visit  Shrine in Montana
Jackson Browne Plays Bozeman This Summer
Top Cop Says: Anyone Can Get a Medical Marijuana Card
To Live Like an Indian

March 2010
Henry Real Bird—Crow Indian, Working Cowboy, Poet Laureate

Harry Rutter Was a Cowboy
Muslims in Montana
Mark Twain's Big Sky Tour
Our Crow Poet
Letters to the Editor
Back Talk

February 2010
Walter Kirn's Up in the Air is At the Movies

On the Set with George Clooney
It Takes an SOS Children's Village
How Legal Is Medical Marijuana?
A Real Montana Winter
State Deficit Spending Kept Off the Books
Green Jobs Black Hole
Axe Max Baucus

The Eyes of the Forest

Stimulus Jobs Reported in Nonexistent Montana Districts
The Great Gray Owl
Harry Yount and the War for Yellowstone’s Wildlife
The Raptor’s Talons
Arthur Blank’s Spirit of Giving Knows No Season
The Great Horned Owl

COVER STORY: For Whom the Wolf Howls

Secret Ballot Is Under Attack
Mischief Among the Crow
Another Hunter in the Woods
David Letterman Will Hide Out In Montana
Of Wolves and Men
Bill Would Rescind Stimulus Funds

COVER STORY: Flyfishing with President Obama

Rahm Emanuel Makes the Scene
Ed Henry’s Got Nothin’ on Anthony Bourdain
Are You Roundup Ready?
Eyewitness to a Lakota Sioux  Ghost Dance
What Healthcare Reform Would Mean for Montana
Murder Victim’s Mother Becomes Anti-Death Penalty Activist

Return to the River

Reading Ted Turner’s Aura
Jimmy Buffett Makes the Rounds in Livingston
Wolves Decimating Elk
Teachers Union President Resists Charter Schools
The Old Man’s Knot

JULY 2009
I am Crow

Blast Victims Fault NorthWestern Energy
Ted Turner Presides at  Livingston Parade
Larry King Live to Air Malmstrom UFO Mystery
The Power of the Painted Face
My Arrival as a Boy in Poplar, Mont., in the Year 1915
The Art of Kirby Sattler
Plenty Coups, Chief of the Crows
Max’s Senate Finance Committee Bows to Health Insurance Lobby
Healthcare Realities

JUNE 2009
COVER STORY: Anthony Bourdain Loves Montana

Top Ten Reasons to Bring Gitmo Terrorists to Hardin, Montana
Red Horse Recalls the Little Bighorn
The Art of Doing Nothing
NorthWestern Energy Has Not Accepted Responsibility for
Blast Site Clean Up

National Folk Festival, July 2009, in Butte
Man Who Landed Plane on Interstate 90 Tells His Tale

MAY 2009
COVER STORY: City Manager Draws Fire

Bringing Back the Big Windy
Why Does the Governor Oppose Transparency?
NorthWestern Energy Calls Bozeman Safe After Gas Blast
Tea and Parties Don’t Always Mix

APRIL 2009
COVER STORY: How Could This Happen?

We Are All Teachers
The Time Has Come for Gallatin Range Wilderness
The Discovery of Gold at Alder Gulch
Ecologist Avoids Dangers of Afghanistan

MARCH 2009
COVER STORY: The Search for Andrew Garcia

Malstrom Officers Report UFO
The Search for Andrew Garcia
More Spending is the Solution

The New Deal Began with Herbert Hoover
Strange Incident Near Conrad ICBM

COVER STORY: Avalanche Danger Runs High in Montana

Stimulate This: Rescue the Economy
What Is Your State and Local Government Hiding?
Montana Homes Hold Their Value
Greg Mortenson Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize











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