Larry King Live to Air Malmstrom UFO Mystery

Nuke Shut-Down Incidents Go Mainstream


CNN's Larry King Live has invited lecturer and author Robert Hastings (see Montana Pioneer, March 2009) to appear on an upcoming show to discuss declassified U.S. government documents that Hastings says confirm a decades-long UFO-nuclear missile site connection, including an incident reported by former airmen assigned to nuclear missile sites in Montana, and which began with some 150 reports of UFO activity at the Los Alamos atomic weapons laboratory as early as December 1948.

According to one FBI document, dated January 31, 1949, the incidents were “consider-ed top secret by Intelli-gence Officers of both the army and the air forces.”

On July 16, 1945, Los Alamos had secretly tested the first atomic bomb in the desert near Alamogordo; bombs two and three were dropped on Hiro-shima and Nagasaki, Japan, on August 6 and 9 respectively, thus ending World War II and ushering in the Nuclear Age. Not long thereafter, according to the declassified documents, someone piloting “flying discs” or “flying saucers” began to monitor America's atomic and thermonuclear weapons program on an ongoing basis.
Information uncovered by Hastings and other researchers reveals that intermittent UFO surveillance of Los Alamos and other nuclear weapons sites, those in central Montana included, continued throughout the Cold War era and beyond, occurring as recently as 2006 in Montana. One Air Force document declassified in 1977 reveals that sev-eral UFOs maneuvered near a number of Minuteman missile sites outside of Malmstrom AFB in Novem-ber 1975. Some of the objects, which alternately hovered and flew around at high velocity, were also tracked on radar and chased by jet fighters. One UFO was reported by missile security personnel to have an “orange white disc” appearance. These incidents occurred six years after the Air Force ended Project Blue Book—its “definitive” UFO investigation—claiming there was no evidence UFOs posed a threat to national security.
Another incident occurred in 2006, according to Ryan Riewer of Conrad, now a student at the University of Montana.

In a telephone interview, according to Hasting’s report published in the March 2009 issue of the Montana Pioneer, Riewer said “I live on a farm nearly three miles east of Conrad. On December 7, 2006, I was driving home from work at around 10:30 at night. I was on Sollid Road, probably a mile away from our house, when I saw this light out of the corner of my eye, coming from the southwest. It was the fastest thing I've ever seen. It came racing up almost to the road. It stopped dead for a moment, then took off at a 90-degree angle to where it came from. It went southeast, over a hill on the horizon. A couple of seconds later, it came racing back toward me. Then it began to slow down and descended toward the ground at an angle. When it was about fifty feet up, the light shut off. It looked like it landed about a half-mile, or maybe a mile, from our house. That was really, really weird.”

Hastings asked Riewer if there was a missile site in the area where the UFO apparently landed. Somewhat surprised by the question, Riewer confirmed that was indeed the case.
Other documentation of such sightings in central Montana result from an investigation conducted by the Cascade County Sheriff’s Department in 1975. 

A now-declassified USAF document, according Hastings, states that “Reports of unidentified flying objects which affect national security...are not a part of the Blue Book system.”

“Of course, the American public was never officially informed of this fact,” Hastings said in a recent press release in advance of his Larry King Live appearance, “which only became known after the document's release years later.” Researchers now have evidence, he says, that national security-related UFO inci-dents, including the missile base cases, were actually investigated by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) and various counter-intelligence groups.

For the Larry King program, Hastings will be given an oppor-tunity to present testimony from former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel he has interviewed who were involved in one or more UFO incidents at nuclear missile sites over the years. According to those sources, which include launch officers, targeting officers and maintenance personnel, two officers having served near Malmstrom, missiles malfunctioned on a number of occasions at different bases during the 1960s and 70s as UFOs were sighted hovering above their underground silos and launch control facilities.
Had nuclear war with the Soviet Union erupted during any of those incidents, Hastings said, the affect-ed missiles, displaying what the Air Force calls  a “Guidance and Control No-go” error, would have sat useless in their silos.
Another bizarre incident chronicled by Hastings was reported by former Minuteman missile launch officer David H. Schuur, who was stationed at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, in the mid-1960s. According to Schuur, late one night, a UFO actually activated most of the ten missiles he controlled. At the time, as he told Hastings, he was in the underground Echo Flight Launch Control Capsule receiving frantic calls from missile security guards topside, who were reporting an extremely bright object in the sky which rapidly moved from missile to missile, briefly hovering over each one. As the UFO lingered, that particular missile's “Launch in Pro-gress” button suddenly lit up on the control panel in the capsule. Schuur states that he had to quickly press an "Inhibit" circuit button to override the launch command apparently being sent to each missile by the UFO.

Schuur told Hastings he does not know whether the missiles would have actually launched had he not disrupted their countdown sequence, because several other “spurious indi-cators” had simultaneously appeared on his missile-readiness display panel. Significantly, a nearly identical incident occurred in Soviet Ukraine, October 4, 1982, according to two retired Soviet Army officers interviewed by ABC News in 1994. The reporter, David Ensor, later worked at CNN as Chief National Security Correspondent.
King has invited various other notable guests on the program to support the claim that UFOs are a real phenomenon, including former Arizona governor Fife Symington, General Wilfred De Brouwer, former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and a former US Air Force officer who, along with hundreds of eyewitnesses, report having seen an enormous boom-erang-shaped UFO over Phoenix, Arizona, moving silently on the evening of March 13, 1997. This object was officially explained by the U.S. Air Force as several military flares dropped from helicopters, but the explanation failed to address numerous eyewitness accounts saying the massive object floated laterally over the city. Former Governor Symington kept his silence about the dramatic sighting for nearly a decade, but now says the object was a UFO. Hundreds of other people in Phoenix, and across the state, reported seeing the same object that night.

De Brouwer is a retired Belgian Air Force general who publicly announced, on June 22, 1990, that the BAF had flown numerous UFO-intercept missions in 1989 and 1990. Some of the UFOs were tracked on radar performing maneuvers that would have destroyed any known aircraft, De Brouwer said.

Edgar Mitchell is a former NASA Apollo astronaut who walked on the moon. He has recently stated that the U.S. government knows UFOs exist and are extraterrestrial.
Debunker Bill Nye will also appear on the show, originally scheduled to air July 3, but then rescheduled to air later in the month or in August.

Hastings has researched the UFO-nuke connection since 1973 and been invited to speak at over 500 U.S. colleges and universities. He is the author of UFO and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites (see ufohastings .com). His upcoming Larry King Live appearance marks his second on the popular cable TV talk show.








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