Bozeman Ranks Among Top Ten “Stoned Cities”

Newsweek’s The Daily Beast Evaluates Cannabis Capitals

In a ranking of cities that are conducive to marijuana use, The Daily Beast, a popular internet news magazine published by Newsweek, Bozeman comes in among the top ten at number 9 on the list of “Pot Capitals of 2011.”
The Daily Beast, in its second year, compiled the list last year, too, of what it calls “the nation's most stoned cities,” using criteria relating to crime statistics, drug use, medical marijuana use, law enforcement, the organized activity of locals promoting medical marijuana, and, of course, stoners themselves.

“This year, The Daily Beast again crunched the numbers,” the magazine wrote, “to find out which communities rate highest for getting high. Many of the top 40 towns are home to large universities, where the habits of young students affect the overall atmosphere. Others are places known for strong support of marijuana legalization and taxation. To compile the rankings, we started by looking at cities within metropolitan areas with at least 30,000 residents. We then consid-ered statistical data as well as a subjective valuation of each city's pro-cannabis atmosphere.

For 2011, other cities that made the top ten, starting with Talla-hassee at the top of the list, include, Boston, Portland, Boulder, Detroit, Burlington (VT), Albany, Manhattan (NY), then Bozeman at number 9, and finally Eureka-Arcata (CA), which came in first place last year, while Bozeman registered at a mere 27 as the lone Montana city to make the controversial grade.

Bozeman's rise to number 9 on the list relates to the dramatic surge in medical marijuana caregivers and subscription cards in the wake of “cannabis caravans” that had been touring the state signing upwards of 100 “patients” in a single day.

In The Daily Beast's recent report on Pot Capitals, it also featured a teaser about Stars Who Smoke Weed. The article reported that  celebrities including Barbara Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, and, of course, Willie Nelson, revealed that they  get high. Pitt was quoted as saying he’s given up marijuana since becoming a father, though he reportedly still smokes hashish.








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