The IRS/Health Care Industrial Complex
An Alliance of Big Business and Big Government, Thanks to Baucus and Obama


The term once hurled so loosely at the Bush administration by liberals was fascist, sometimes defined as the consolidation of government and big business, though in truth fascism requires a police state. The term now hurled at Obama is socialist, where government owns or controls big business, and by doing so, as with fascism, centralizes power through that alliance. It is easy to see then how people confuse the terminology, when both systems are about centralizing power over the economy, and you know what they say about power—it corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We now know, contrary to claims that Obamacare would loosen the insurance companies’ strangle hold on the American people, that the new health care mandate makes those insurance companies agents of the federal government, solidifying the status quo, and that they worked  closely with the Obama administration and Max Baucus to accomplish this profitable outcome. They could see which side their bread would be buttered on, got a seat at the table, and worked out deals with big shot Democrats like Baucus and the president, and the result is an alliance of dangerous powers turned loose on the American people. Call it Socialism, call it Fascism, it makes no difference, and if you think this is an overstatement consider the fact that Obama will hire 16,500 IRS agents to enforce payments of premiums and fines on Americans who would rather not be herded like cattle into the federal health care corral.
As part of the deal, the IRS becomes a collection agency for the insurance companies, and if that’s hard to believe, look at the facts.

In all, with the new health care mandate, the IRS will confiscate $409 billion in new taxes by 2019, according to the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. The IRS will confiscate another $69 billion in fines and penalties from individuals and businesses who don’t robotically fall in line and buy insurance from the government’s new partners—the companies that have been so supportive of our own Max Baucus.

Just to refresh your memory, Baucus’ Finance Committee is loaded with lawmakers who have close ties to the health care insurance industry and who took their campaign contributions, even as former staffers lobbied for the companies whose issues they once dealt with in D.C., notably health care—and lobbying disclosures reveal several former Baucus staffers now work for health care or insurance special interests. Baucus, the committee chair, is knee deep in this muck and clearly compromised.

Under the final bill, people who don’t purchase insurance are subject to a fine of $325 in 2015 and $695 in 2016, individuals can be fined a full 2.5 percent of their income if that amount exceeds the lower fines, and  employers with 50 or more workers will pay $2,000 per worker if they don’t provide health insurance.

These dictatorial fines, penalties and mandates accomplish three things: they throw money into Obama’s collectivist system to finance government controlled health care, they force more people to pay premiums to insurance companies that got Baucus to write the bill and kept him in office, and they coerce payment of premiums to those same companies through the dreaded power of an IRS that will now also function as the health care police.

After  passage of the bill in the House of Representatives President Obama exulted: This is what change looks like. It is truly frightening, though, if this man considers these kind of gestapo tactics positive change for America. The IRS has its own courts, its own police, its own laws, and  extra constitutional powers of enforcement. When you get right down to it, it is the IRS that will be driving this heavy handed plan by collecting money for the federal government’s new Health Care Industrial Complex. Is this hope? Is this change? Is this America? Or is this Fascism? You decide.
Many of you voted for Obama against your better judgement, hoping he would move to the center, and attributing his admitted pursuit of Marxist professors at Harvard to youthful foolishness—but any politi-cian who so doggedly disrespects American freedoms and the American people in this way has not discarded such ideologies, and now with his leap toward the socialist/fascist model of governance, we can only hope that he and his regime will be defeated at the earliest possible opportunity by those with  greater respect for liberty and traditional American principles.








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