Marlboro Ranch Lends a Hand at Soup Kitchen
Donated Equipment and Services Run the Gamut


Quietly and without fanfare, the Clyde Park-based Crazy Mountain Ranch has been pitching in locally in a prolonged and committed way to the benefit of people in need. Known locally as the Marlboro Ranch (because it is owned by the Philip Morris tobacco company) and run by Korman Marketing Group, the Crazy Mountain Ranch began lending a hand in 2007 at Livingston’s Loaves and Fishes, an all-volun-teer soup kitchen that serves free hot meals to the needy.  

The effort began quietly over a year ago with staff from the ranch restaurant preparing occasional meals for those who frequent the local charity, which feeds a square meal to anybody who walks through its doors, no questions asked. The ranch began increasing their efforts, though, as more needs became apparent.

“They kind of adopted us,” said Martie Claar, Director of Loaves and Fishes. “Anywhere they saw a need, they took care of it for us.”   

The ranch’s donated services involved repairs, cleaning, and painting, work that included reinforcing shelves in the food pantry, building new walls and installing a door, helping to organize dry goods, and in 2007 the ranch installed a new walk-in freezer. This past year, Crazy Mountain Ranch donated funds for a much needed dishwasher and water softener.

Claar was quick to point out that the kitchen receives help from others in the community, including companies in Livingston that work without pay. That includes donated  food and volunteered services, and she was eager to offer appreciation and recognition for that support. 

“They give us their hearts and their love—and they volunteer,” she said.

Crazy Mountain’s efforts though, although they began modestly, have become broad in scope. “They came in during their off season and cooked a few times for us,” Claar said, “and then decided it would be benefi-cial if they…just started coming down to donate labor.”   

Claar could not say exactly how many workers from the ranch were involved in the refurbishing efforts.

“A lot of them turn out to work,” she said. “When they’re here, the place is swarming like a beehive.”

Claar  also told us that neither the management of Crazy Mountain Ranch, nor anyone from Korman Marketing, has sought to be recog-nized for their efforts.

“They aren’t trying to get kudos for this,” she said. “They are just simply doing it. They aren’t advertising it. They haven’t asked us to put thank yous in the paper. They just come in and do it out of a genuine concern, a real desire to help.”

Founded in 1999, Loaves and Fishes is a privately operated local charity run entirely by volunteers and with goods and services donated by the public, including dry goods and produce from local super markets, services donated by local businesses, and dedicated cooks and helpers who donate time and labor. On any given day, 50 to 100 meals are served, Monday through Saturday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., subject to the availability of volunteer cooks and dishwashers, who are always needed. To lend a hand, call Martie Claar at 222-4824.








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