Belgrade’s Philip Winchester Lands NBC Series

Philip Winchester’s journey as an actor has taken him from his hometown of Belgrade, Mont., around the world with a Shakespearean troupe, and now to a fictional desert island in NBC's new television series Crusoe.

The series premiered in October, is based on the classic novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, and is filmed on the South African coast.

At the tender age of 14, Winchester, now 27, first appeared in Steven Seagal’s action flick The Patriot, filmed in Ennis. His minor role in that film led to a blossoming career that has included a worldwide tour with the Royal Shakespeare Company, major parts in the movies Flyboys, Thunderbirds, and upcoming films In My Sleep and Solomon Kane. Winchester graduated from Belgrade High in 1999, the Associated Press reported. Although an American citizen born in Montana, he has been living in England and is reportedly both an American and British national.
According to the AP, Barbara Winchester, the actor’s mother, said her son caught the acting bug as a child in the fifth grade playing Willy Wonka in an elementary school production.

Crusoe adapts elements of the novel on which it is based, and Defoe’s The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, but diverges from those novels using new plots and characters.

Sam Neill also stars in Crusoe, in scenes filmed in England, where he resides.








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