Articles from Our Last Issue (April 2008):

Governor Brian Schweitzer Tells Feds to Go to Hell
A dramatic standoff took place recently between the state of Montana and the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C. Armed with a law passed unanimoulsy by the state legislaure, which rejected the rquirements of the federal Real ID Act of 2005, Gov. Schweitzer defied the feds, saying publicly they could “go to hell.” Montana, though, after a face-saving maneuver pulled by DHS chief Michael Chertoff, officially joins the long list of states officially complying with Real ID. READ MORE

Where Old Draft Horses Don't Die
Deborah Derr had no idea what to expect as the big stock-truck pulled onto her ranch near Livingston to unload the 20-year-old Belgian gelding. All she knew about the horse was that it had spent the last 10 years alone in a dark stall. He saw no other horses, no birds, no sun, clouds or rain—a decade of dark solitude and fear. READ MORE

Live Free or Die
The issue of freedom is in the news lately, in both Montana and Tibet. And while it has faded from the headlines due to a press black out, the people of Burma struggle against the oppressive junta that brutally rules that southeast Asian country. We also read that Raoul Castro recently granted the use of cell phones to the captive people of Cuba, where his now ailing brother Fidel installed informants on every block to ensure loyalty to the “people’s” revolution. READ MORE

Call of the Wild Films in Montana
The Call of the Wild has brought both Wes Studi and Christopher Lloyd back to Montana. Studi, a participant in Bozeman’s HatchFest film festival in 2005, and Lloyd, a former part-time Bitterroot resident, joined director Richard Gabai last month to begin filming a modernized version of Jack London’s classic Yukon adventure story. READ MORE



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