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Inside Marlboro Ranch
A wall rises from the middle of the Shields Valley, one guarded more securely than the United States border with Canada or Mexico, and so hard to penetrate that it has been compared to Area 51, the super secret military installation in the Nevada desert. The wall, a fence really, between the outside world and the institution within, is so protected that many who know of it question at great length anyone who has made it behind the gates and returned. Most Park County residents know it’s there, but few know what lies inside, which has many of us pondering Robert Frost's timeless question—do good fences make good neighbors, or, as the poet suggests, do they offend? READ MORE

Ghost Writer Haunts Hilary
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton recently charged Barack Obama with plagiarism regarding his use of other people’s phrases without proper attribution in speeches, but like the ghosts who lurk in the dark corners of Livingston’s Murray Hotel, her use of surrogates to write books for her has come back to haunt her. READ MORE

Buffalo Bill's Cinnabar Cowboys
My wife Darnell's family has been in Montana since 1863 when her great great-grand-father, Hugo Hoppe, a German immi-grant, had just been discharged from the Second California Cavalry. He had journeyed to the gold fields in 1851 where he learned it was not easy digging, panning and sluicing for gold, and so he took up freighting new supplies from the docks in San Francisco to the American River, where the gold had been found. READ MORE

Healthcare Scam
Healthcare has been advanced lately as a human right, something to which all are entitled— like freedom of speech and freedom of assembly—both by Hillary Clinton and the Montana Human Rights Network. Sorry, and don’t get all holier than thou, but healthcare is not a right. Such a thing is not possible, for a right cannot be something others must provide for you, and the attitude that it is a right, with someone else being responsible for your health, is the reason we’re in the mess we are today. READ MORE

Charlie Wilson's War
If you haven't seen the recent hit movie Charlie Wilson's War, you likely know little to nothing about the colorful 12 term former congressman from east Texas. And even if you had heard of him, many people want to know more about both Charlie's antics as well as his extraordinary and controversial efforts to fund Afghanistan in its 1980s war to defend itself against the Soviet Union. READ MORE

My Cousin Evel Knievel
It was a late night in the mid-1960s. I walked into my cousin Nick’s bar out at the nine-mile on Butte’s Harrison Avenue. The joint had a larger crowd than usual and I quickly knew why. Bobby Knievel was there. By then he was becoming Evel Knievel, had performed a half dozen motorcycle jumps and was negotiating for permission to jump the Grand Canyon.

The Iraq War Resolution
A lot of people these days have fallen in with the presidential candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul. His position that the United States gets involved where it ought not is one that resonates with many, a quintessential American principle since the founding of the country.
There’s probably a lot, though, that people don’t know about Ron Paul. First, though, the basics. READ MORE

The Way We Elect
In 1952 Sen. Estes Kefauver defeated President Harry Truman in the New Hampshire primary with the momentous result that Truman announced he would not seek re-election. In that same primary, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower defeated Ohio Sen. Robert “Mr. Republican” Taft, grandee of congressional insiders. If the plans of party leaders hadn't been upset by a direct vote of the people of one small state in 1952, the contest for president would probably have been between Taft and Truman. READ MORE

The Consequences of Rapid Withdrawal
The Bozeman City Commission recently took upon itself the issue of Iraq, passing a resolution by a 3-2 vote that the United States should initiate a prompt and orderly withdrawal of troops from the country. Leaving aside the question, for the moment, of whether such a resolution falls within the city’s jurisdiction (Bozeman’s mayor Jeff Krauss, who refused to sign the resolution, says it does not), let’s examine the consequences of a U.S. withdrawal, which ought to be any thinking person’s approach to an issue upon which so much depends. READ MORE




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